Newsletter Issue 7 (Hudson Valley; NYC in Fog)


Lots to share in this one! Enjoy my photos from a recent Hudson Valley trip, insane fog over NYC, and some more Prospect Park scenes.

About Michael

Michael Silverstone is a photographer based in New York City. He specializes in train, landscape, and city photography. Michael currently shoots with a Sony Alpha A7RII, alternating between four lenses. On any given day or night, you can find him capturing one of NYC’s iconic landmarks, or shooting from a subway platform deep in Brooklyn.

Hudson Valley Autumn Peak

The Hudson Valley region of New York State has undoubtedly gained tremendous popularity over the last five years, much in part due to its social media presence on Instagram.

Metro North’s Hudson Line (extending from Grand Central to Poughkeepsie) is as scenic as it gets!
A north-bound Metro North train as seen from the walking path of the Bear Mountain Bridge.
A city-bound Metro North train passing through Manitou Station. This is probably one of my favorite train compositions I’ve ever come across. That’s the Bear Mountain Bridge in the distance!
The view is great from up here. Must be epic from the river, too!
The Bear Mountain Bridge with Anthony’s Nose in the backdrop.
Family minus Max
Shayna Maydele rests up for a stroll across the Bear Mountain Bridge
Due to an unauthorized person on the tracks, all Metro North trains are delayed until further notice.

NYC in Fog

Last week, NYC was hit with some unusual early morning and late night fog. I biked over to Brooklyn Bridge Park on an early weekday morning and was absolutely blown away by the scenes I saw:

This image was featured by NYC’s official destination marketing hub NYC & Company on their Instagram!
Loving those moody mornings!
Playing around with some isolated color editing. What do you think?
My two modes of travel into the city from BK. In front, you’ll see the Manhattan Bridge, which connects me to Manhattan via the B/Q. In the background, you’ll see the Williamsburg Bridge, which connected me to Manhattan via the J/M when I used to live in Bushwick.
Happened to see this comp while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. Completely unplanned!

Some More Brooklyn Exploration

It’s imperative to continue taking advantage of the beautiful fall scenery not just in the Hudson Valley, but also right in my backyard!

Here’s a shot by the Binnen Bridge near Prospect Park’s iconic boathouse. Even during the day, this area seems to be fairly secluded, and definitely feels like an Adirondack-style getaway in the middle of NYC!
The Franklin Avenue shuttle as seen from a footbridge on Carroll Street, east of Prospect Park. As I was taking pictures, a local resident walked by and told me that the concrete bridge I was standing on was a wooden bridge 75 years ago. Pretty cool! (I’ve been playing around with the ‘masking’ tool in Adobe Photoshop, which allows you to blend two similar images together. In reality, the above photo is two separate images taken in the exact same spot, a few minutes apart. The trains did not in fact pass one other at the same time. Can you tell this is photoshopped?)
Walking away towards the next newsletter. Thanks everyone for reading!

Michael is a photographer based in New York City, specializing in train, landscape, and city photography.