3 Underrated Photography Spots in NYC

Here are three underrated NYC photography spots that even the locals may not know about!

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Astoria Blvd. Train Station (Astoria, Queens)

The 2nd-to-last stop on the N/W reopened in December 2019 after an extensive renovation project. Whether it’s the Long Island City skyline to the south or the Triboro bridge (money shot) to the west, this station seriously rocks.

If you’re a fan of light-trail photography, you’ll want to check out this one, as it’s one of the rare spots in NYC where your attempt to shoot car trails isn’t hindered by glass or a chain-link fence.

Compared to the other two spots on this list, getting here is a cakewalk. It’s only a 15 minute subway ride from Midtown Manhattan!

Car trails and the Triboro Bridge

Hamilton Beach (Hamilton Beach, Queens)

Unless you have a car, this one’s going to be a challenge to get to, albeit a very fun one. If you’re going by train, be prepared for a long wait for the A (roughly 25–30 minutes between trains), and don’t forget to get on the Rockaway-bound one. The nearest station to Hamilton Beach is Howard Beach-JFK, but it’s going to be more than a mile’s walk from here to the spot.

That may seem like a daunting task, but the payoff is worth it.

The beach itself rests on Jamaica Bay. You’ll have the Cross-Bay Blvd Bridge (for cars) to the far right, and the Broad Channel Bridge (for trains) to your immediate left. If you time it right, you may get an approaching plane over the Broad Channel Bridge as an A train shows up.

Rockaway-bound A train approaching Broad Channel, Queens

TWA Hotel (JFK Airport, Jamaica, Queens)

In 2001, Trans World Airlines (TWA) shuttered permanently. However, its spaceship terminal at JFK Airport was never demolished, because the building had been declared an NYC landmark a few years before. The terminal sat empty for almost two decades, until it was finally re-opened in May 2019 as a hotel.

Once you enter the hotel, it feels like you’re entering a time machine. Everything inside was meticulously re-designed to make it look like you’re in the 1960s. The lobby even has a mock newsstand with magazines and papers from many decades ago.

Whether you’re exploring the interior (highly recommended), or simply photographing the exterior, it’s worth a visit! Just take the AirTrain to JFK Airport Terminal 5.

An AirTrain whizzes by the iconic TWA Hotel

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